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Dr Rae Sandler Simon, denver marriage & family therapy, hawaii mental health
Chronic Pain & Chronic Illness

As a woman, mother, and clinician living with both chronic pain and autoimmune disease, I fully understand the life-and-relationship-altering effects these experiences have one one's life.  

Chronic pain and chronic illness impacts every aspect of life - limiting your physical ability to do what you used to love like ski, dance or paint, shifting or increasing your loved ones' and family's responsibilities, slowing or cancelling career and educational ambitions, and altering previously-held life-long goals. 

I help clients navigate the "new normal" of not only living with, but living well with chronic conditions.  Learn to manage stress, improve sleep, eliminate insomnia, manage substance abuse or addiction, communicate with medical doctors, increase physical activity, and improve your most valued relationships with friends, partners, children and even pets.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approaches (CBT) and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy are both established approaches to managing chronic conditions.  I incorporate methodologies from both theories as well as integrate Eastern approaches like yoga, acupuncture, mindfulness, and practical applications like sleep hygiene and journaling. 


Your life is not over, but your hopeless living is!

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