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live & love well

Life is beautiful, messy, overwhelming, and unpredictable.  Our work will help you understand your incredible strengths. We will also determine the areas that need attention and adjustment in order for you to live your best life.  Often times, the healing and lightness comes from simply recognizing your humanity.  Learn to honor what you feel, observe and acknowledge emotions, and understand their source and driving powers behind your experiences, thoughts, behaviors.


We will determine the best plan for supporting your best self when life, moods, feelings, and thoughts feel out of balance. The therapeutic relationship we will create has so much power.  You will also shift unhealthier habits to behaviors that support happiness and health.  We will incorporate both Eastern and traditional Western medicine practices, depending on your need and preferences.  I have an incredible team of colleagues, including primary care doctors, to whom I refer for traditional medication, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, yoga, massage, and more.  Learn more about areas of expertise by clicking on your identifying treatment course below.

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