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My Heart's Work


In addition to being a mental health service provider, I give of my time, heart, and support as Brent's Place's Volunteer Staff and Patient Psychologist in Denver, CO.


Brent's Place is a safe, clean, and warm home away from home for children with facing life-threatening illness.  It is conveniently located near the new Children's Hospital and Anschutz Medical Campus in Denver, Colorado.


Brent's Place provides individual, fully furnished and equipped apartments making a prolonged stay easier on the cancer patient and their family.


Brent's Place is conveniently located near major Denver hospitals for families from across the Rocky Mountain region seeking treatment for life-threatening illnesses.

Our Goals:

Facilitate optimum care by providing our immune-compromised patients a "safe clean" home away from home that encourages healing post Bone Marrow or Stem Cell Transplantation.

Offer compassion, camaraderie, support, activities, outings, group meals and other amenities for families away from home trying to deal with the toughest challenge of their lives.  Safe Clean  free from exposure to others who may inadvertently carry infection. Our cleaning guidelines were established to provide the best possible environment to encourage and support the healing process.


Who stays at Brent's Place:

 All patients staying at Brent's Place are immune-compromised and At-Risk for infection.  Brent's Place houses the patient and caregivers upon discharge from the hospital. Priority is given to the child who is post bone marrow transplantation. Depending on availability, we will admit adult transplant patients.


Interested in helping?   Visit the Brent's Place Website 

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