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If you love someone, the greatest gift you can give them is your presence." 

Thich Nhat Hanh

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Many clinicians will do couples' work in their practice, but it may not be their specialty. Not only do I offer couples' therapy,  it's my expertise, my passion, and the reason I became a psychologist.  The Couples Institute Training Seal (see below) is given to therapists who've completed training in “The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy.”  This course is one of many resources of skill-building and knowledge I continue to acquire in the more than 20 years of couples' focused training I have done.  I attend conferences, use online resources, read books, and never stop learning to further develop my expertise in this challenging and most meaningful niche.  

I help both individuals and couples in any relationship stage.  Whether you're thinking about getting married, have been together two years, or 20 years, the marriage skills I equip couples with in a minimum of just six sessions create easy and enduring positive changes to keep them not only together, but happier.

My clients often tell me that the skills learned in our work have profound effects on all areas of their lives. They improve their intimate relationships or marriages, and they also increase the quality other relationships in their lives and in their workplace.


Dr Rae Sandler Simon, denver marriage & family therapy, hawaii mental health
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