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Dr. Rae Sandler Simon, Live & Love Well Colorado, Denver Individual and Couples Therapist, Marriage

Healing After An Affair

One of the most painful experiences is betrayal. ​ The impact of which affects people emotionally, physically, and mentally.  For many, PTSD symptoms can often be experienced.  You may feel lost, not knowing what to do, what's best for the kids, or even how to get up in the morning.  


If you've who've gone outside of your relationship, you may wonder if your partner will ever be able to trust you again.  You may not know if you want to leave your marriage, nor if there's anything salvageable if you stay.  Knowing how to navigate family, communication, and children may feel paralyzing.   

People and relationships do heal from affairs.

Together we will resolve the affair, including the feelings involved and hurts experienced.  We will heal your relationship with your spouse, while helping to take care of yourself and your children the best you can.  You will understand how your relationship became vulnerable to an affair in the first place.  Finally, you see how strong your honesty, healing, and vulnerability can create the marriage you have always wanted, with specific strategies to affair-proof your relationship going forward.  


My goal and my fight is to help couples and families stay together, but sometimes this is not always the result.  For couples who decide that they are going to co-parent as an unmarried partnership, I will continue to support you through navigating this new chapter in your family in the most loving and thoughtful way possible.  Either way, you and your family deserve the support, understanding, and love I am passionate and committed to giving all couples I work with. Heal and learn to love again.

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