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Dr Rae Sandler Simon, denver marriage & family therapy, hawaii mental health

Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Wellness

​​Career competition, family demands, and the pace of today's world can feel like there's no slowing down.  The consequential stress we experience can have catastrophic effects on our life's course.  


Stress can cause mental health problems like depression, anxiety and personality disorders.  It is also one of the leading causes for chronic physical health problems including: cardiovascular diseases, obesity and other eating disorders, menstrual problems, sexual dysfunctions, hair and skin issues, and gastrointestinal dysfunction.​  

Being present to what we are doing, experiencing, and feeling in our life's moments is rare.  Many don't take the time to simply enjoy a meal, go for a walk or sit and think without checking our phone, doing a mental to-do list, or multi-tasking in some way.  We worry that we'll either miss out on something important, miss a client email or call, or get impatient with the process of just doing one thing.


The opposite, in fact, is true. The more highly skilled we become at being present to the exact moment we're in, the better outcomes we have in all areas of life - work success, relationship connection, physical well-being, and spiritual or life meaning.


Learn how to check into your life, and be present wherever and however you are.  Decrease your stress levels, regulate your emotional well-being, and decrease your chances of long-term physical consequences from this emotional imbalance.  Learn how to make the most of every minute of this precious life, and take care of your physical, emotional and spiritual well being.  

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