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About Dr. Simon

anxiety, depession, coloado, denver, hawaii
anxiety, depession, coloado, denver, hawaii
anxiety, depession, coloado, denver, hawaii
anxiety, depession, coloado, denver, hawaii
columbine, colorado, denver, therapy, therapist

My journey to psychology began in the business world.  I graduated from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University, and worked as a strategic change management consultant in Chicago.  This opportunity was invaluable, but life was calling me elsewhere.

I transitioned into the non-profit world, and was tasked with  helping political asylees and refugees find their first employment in the United States.  I was humbled by my client's drive, grace and perseverance in the aftermath of fleeing war-torn countries in search for a new life in America. 

I knew I had so much more to learn.  I needed to understand the theories, dynamics, history and foundations of psychology to better help people. Thus began a six-year process of more undergraduate learning, numerous internships, and an intensive doctoral program at the University of Denver, Graduate School of Professional Psychology.

I earned my doctorate in clinical psychology (PsyD), and honed in on my passion for teaching and fostering intimate emotional connections.  I opened my private practice, aptly named Live & Love Well , and focused on couples and adult wellness.  I love being both an entrepreneur and working intensively with relationships and individual wellness.  I'm blessed that life has led me to this place.  I have been deeply impacted by my clients from all parts of the world; from a multitude of ethnic, religious and community affiliations, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, and economic, social and relationship statuses.  

I've been a practicing clinician since 2005.  I'm humbled by the beauty and strength of the clients who've invited me on this journey of positive change and into their lives.  This is an honor that I never take for granted.  My work is only made fuller by the valued referral sources who graciously refer friends, family, colleagues, patients and loved ones.  Their confidence in my practice means everything to me.


I have been married to my incredible partner for almost 15 years.  Our life is full of love and centered around exploring nature, the arts, and travel with our two children and our two fur babies.  I maintain my personal wellness by practicing yoga for the past 20+ years, doing my own therapeutic work, expressing myself through writing and art, and nurturing my own coveted relationships.

I am committed to serving those in need.  I passionately believe everyone deserves access to authentic, compassionate, high-quality therapeutic care.  Therefore, I pour my heart into volunteering as the on-call psychologist for all staff and families at Brent's Place in Denver and Tūtū and Me in Hawai'i Island.  For more information about these two incredible organizations, follow their previous page links or visit their websites by double-clicking their icons below:

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