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Dr Rae Sandler Simon, denver marriage & family therapy, hawaii mental health
Trauma and Loss

Losing someone, something, or your sense of safety are traumatic experiences.  We develop formulas for how we 

should  cope, "move on," or have well-intentioned loved ones suggest ideas.  However, we interact with life through our own unique past and individual understandings, so no one person's experience nor reaction can ever be the same as another's. 


Regardless of how we judge or compare our pain to other's, our experiences have a dramatic impact on how we emotionally engage with our inner selves and with the world.  Only our quiet, knowing center understands what we need for healing.  Together, we will explore just how to do that.

Talking about what happened may seem counterintuitive - fears that it will bring more pain, invite intense memories, sting fresh like the first moments of events.  I understand.  I get it.  We will move slowly and gently, supporting your heart and your walk through healing in a way that empowers and awakens your soul once again.


We will incorporate healing techniques through many powerful sources that will ground, strengthen and enlighten you.  I pull from multiple foundations of healing -   traditional psychological theoretical orientations; eastern holistic approaches like yoga, acupuncture, meditation and other curative techniques; laughter and narrative methodologies; and deep connection through our connected therapeutic relationship.  Together, we will find your way back to your light, back to your full breath and walking in the direction of your best life.


If you are thinking about suicide and in need of immediate support, please call the TrevorLifeline at 1-866-488-7386 or text START to 678-678.  

Help is available 24/7.


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