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Dr Rae Sandler Simon, denver marriage & family therapy, hawaii mental health

Parenting & Caregiving

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding, meaningful and difficult experiences in life.  Although there are countless books offering helpful insights, having the live support of a clinician who knows you and your family well is invaluable.  

As a mother of two - a pre-teen and a teenager - I understand how a typical day in parenting life can go from feeling like "I got this!" to "I have no idea what the $#%@ I'm doing!" And that whiplash of experience can change within mere hours, minutes or seconds.

I offer clients support, validation and insight into navigating parenting challenges, whether you're a co-parent, single parent, hānai, or main caregiver.  While I don't have a magic wand nor am I a perfect parent (far from it), I do have expertise in age-specific techniques for supporting your children, your partner, and yourself in the best way possible.  Together we will create a climate of love, connection, honesty and confidence within your home and within your children's' hearts.

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