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Goodness-of-fit is key to meaningful and successful therapy outcomes.  I offer each potential client a free, fifteen-minute video telehealth or phone consultation to explore our initial connection.  We will use this time for you to ask questions about how I work, the therapy process, fees and insurance, scheduling, and just see how our energy feels initially.  From there, we will schedule a therapy session at a time that works for you, from a place that feels best to you.  


While I have offices located in both Colorado and Hawaii, much of my work is via video telehealth.  This mode of treatment offers flexibility and accessibility, while still maintaining deep connection and emotional presence.  I also have the authority to practice telehealth in over 40 states.   Let's create something special - your most meaningful life - from the safety, familiarity, and ease of your own home or workspace.  Clients enjoying meeting from their favorite outdoor cozy corner, being snuggled up on their couch, and even the quiet reprieve of their car (not while driving of course). 

Your confidentiality is paramount.  Together, we will build trust that you may have never previously known.  I ensure your confidence in creating trust by only using teletherapy platforms that are HIPAA-compliant. This means that I use video therapy platforms which strictly adhere to regulatory standards that protect your privacy, security and integrity of protected health information.

Included in my village of healers, I frequently refer to my esteemed friends and colleagues of therapists, acupuncturists, spiritual guides, yoga instructors, and nutritionists.  I also work closely with several leading-edge traditional practitioners, including:  board certified psychiatrists, child and family therapists, mediators, lawyers, and psychologists specialized in psychological testing.  

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