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Dr. Rae Sandler Simon, Live & Love Well Colorado, Denver Individual and Couples Therapist, Marriage, Gay, GLBT

Communication & Relationship Skills

Couples can spend up to a year or more wedding planning, but many neglect to build communication and relationship skills necessary for a strong marriage.  I equip couples with easy and effective communication skills for long-lasting, loving relationships.


Experience positive, incremental changes with simple shifts in the way you express yourself. Teach your children that marriage means intimacy, trust, joy, and open communication.  Create safety within vulnerability and connection.  

I incorporate tools from the works of leading couples and marriage counseling experts: John and Julie Gottman (The Seven Principals for Making Marriage Work), Susan Heitler, local to Denver, CO (Power of Two), Michele Weiner-Davis, local to Boulder, CO (Divorce Busting), Esther Perel (Mating in Captivity), and more.

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